It's not you -- The end to Overthinking.

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Overthinking Picture by Juan Rumimpunu.

There’s a lot of things that don’t depend on you or your actions and there are even more things you can’t even influence in any way. Things usually depend on a whole lot of other things, many of which you don’t even know about.

Why is X acting weird today?
Why is Y not responding now?!
Why didn’t I get the job?
Why did Z give me that weird look when I told that story?
Why this, why that?

It must be me, right?

The fact is: Most often it’s not.

You can’t control everything. You also can’t analyze everything in a meaningful way or generalize it to draw conclusions and learn from it. While that often does seem useful, at least as often as it is, it’s not. A lot of things happen out of – to you – unknown and irrelevant reasons and don’t have anything to do with you or your actions.

So stop taking everything so personally and move on, with ease.

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