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I’m Niklas and I study computer science.

I will use this website to write about the stuff that I (and hopefully you too) find interesting.
This contains, but is not limited to:

  1. Good software

    Because that’s what I like.

    In my opinion, good almost directly translates to simple, adhering to the UNIX philosophy and avoiding bloat.

  2. Technical tips and tricks I stumble across

    This will be in terms of Linux, tiling window managers, vim, command line tools and similar stuff.

  3. My studies

    Because I can totally tell you what not to learn for your exams.
    Seriously, I hope some other CS students will find it helpful when I write about courses I’ve already taken and exams I’ve already passed.

The blog system I currently use is really minimal, but that’s exactly what I want it to be. It’s called lb and was originally written by Luke Smith in < 100 LOC of shell script (I must admit that his lines are pretty well utilized though).
I’ve already extended it quite a bit, e.g. to support writing articles in markdown (you can find my modifications here).

Note: By now I’ve switched to a script written by myself, which you can find here.

Today (technically yesterday), I rented a VPS for $1.25 per month and got a free domain to go with it.
Let’s see where this leads.

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